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Live in caring environment with a family atmosphere, where your wellbeing our priority. 


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We would love for your to be a part of our Family Hill Mountain. 

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We are Fountain Hill Assisted Living. Here it’s easy to stay active and make new friends in a positive and healthy environment. Our goal is to create a community where your loved ones will thrive.



Awesome care for both of my parents!

My wife and i were unexpectedly faced with the need for assisted living for my parents. One minute my parents seemed to be fine. They were living on their own, caring for themselves, preparing food, etc. The next, they had no idea how to do the most basic things. We began to look for help and encountered Fountain Hill Assisted Living. They weren't even open, but let us in and showed us around. Once they opened we placed both of my parents in their facility. Numerous issues came up related to their care. My parents showed basic memory loss, dementia, failure to thrive, anger, among others. The staff at Fountain Hill was understanding, caring, knowledgeable and professional. They provided resources, care and love. Both parents passed away [time frame removed] while staying in Fountain Hill. I cannot think of a better place for them to have been. They helped us every step of the way, up to and including the funerals. They passed away knowing that everyone around them loved them!

Kerry K - Loved one of resident/client


The comfort, safety and proper nutrition of our residents is paramount to what we do.

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We know the minute you set foot in our facility, you'll see why our residents choose to live here.

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